Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2.14.06 2006 Officers Installed at Annual Meeting

Ames Interfaith Council Cabinet representatives, members, and guests enjoyed a delicious pot luck dinner on Sunday evening before getting down to business and installing Russ Melby of Bethesda Lutheran Church (vice chairperson), Betty Wright of Collegiate Presbyterian Church (secretary), Howard Johnson of First Baptist Church (treasurer), and Stephen Aigner of Darul Arqum Islamic Center (chairperson) as Cabinet officers for 2006.

Outgoing secretary Ina Couture (not pictured) of St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Catholic Student Center was honored for a quarter of a century of service to the Council, as was Louise Dengler of Church Women United (pictured below, center), said outgoing interim chairperson Michael Gillespie.

Lois Smidt (below) of Beyond Welfare spoke eloquently on Building a Just Community: The Spiritual Dimension.

Beyond Welfare is building community and inviting participation towards the elimination of poverty, child abuse, and neglect in Story County in support of the organization's vision for families to have sufficient money, healthy family and community relationships, and a sense of purpose and meaning. The organization's primary strategy is building relationships across class and race lines, and inviting and equipping consumers of human services, and the working poor, from the margins of the community into participation and leadership, out of poverty and into interdependent self-sufficiency. You can contact Beyond Welfare at 515-292-5992. To support Beyond Welfare by ordering home made pies (apple, cherry, and rhubarb), call 515-232-4367.

The Ames Interfaith Council wishes to thank Collegiate Methodist Church for hosting our Annual Meeting this year.